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There are 3 things you should know:

We're Independent Brokers

Symmetry isn't an insurance company - they simply provide the framework for independent agents; who are each independently contracted with 2 dozen of the top insurance companies in the world. We don't sell one company's products - we match clients with the best policy regardless of company.

Just like a Real Estate Agent "hangs their license" at a brokerage like Century 21 or Keller Williams - Life Insurance agents hang their license with Symmetry Financial Group.

We Work on Our Terms

While we have mentorship, training, and support - we don't have a boss. We work where we want and when we want.

Most of us work out of our homes and carry licenses in multiple states - so weĀ have an unlimited reach without having to drive anywhere.

What We Do Matters

Every time you see a "GOFUNDME" because a family lost a loved one - it's a heartbreaking reminder that we have people to protect!

We don't sell a 'product', we have a portfolio of solutions from over 2 dozen top rated insurance companies - each designed to protect families.

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